Powerhour has started with 5th and 6th class on Thursdays! Click to see the girls in action! The girls have a great team spirit! 


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Ms O’Connor’s Senior Infant class have been reading a lovely book called Elmer.

They have learned that even though we are different, we are all special in our unique way!

They created beautiful mosaic elephants. They are so unique and special!

Let’s celebrate our differences! It’s what makes you……YOU!


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Having fun with tongue twisters!

Come try a tongue twister! It’s lots of fun! Practise makes perfect! 


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GAA Blitz

Best of luck to our St Joseph’s team who will be taking part in a mini sevens tournament on Friday in Nemo Rangers! 

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Mrs Dromey’s 1st class painted pumpkins this week. They learned about warm colours. They also brainstormed autumn words. Click to look at our classroom tree!


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Autumn in Mrs Dromey’s Room

1st class enjoyed painting with warm autumn colours in Mrs Dromey’s room. They also went on a nature walk during the month of September. They found lots of mini beasts and noticed how the season was changing. They loved the colours of the leaves.


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sports day 2017

We had great fun this year at Sports day!  (more…)

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Reading in the sun


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5th and 6th Class School Tour

On Thursday, 22nd of June, 5th and 6th class set off on their school tour. First stop was University College Cork where the girls learned lots of new things including about George Boole and the Crawford Observatory. The girls had a great time exploring UCC and even got the opportunity to wear cloaks and received certificates at the end of the tour.


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3rd class in disguise!

3rd class took a break from a busy active week to paint and decorate masks. Do you recognise us? Have a look and see!

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