Witness History 1916 Museum, Dublin

May 4, 2016


We visited the GPO 1916 Witness history museum. It was very interesting to see the all the people lived during that time. We saw the clothes the wore, the bicycles that they used, typewriters they used and an original copy of the 1916 Proclamation. What was very interesting was to use an interactive typeset to produce the Proclamation. The multimedia presentation was a powerful presentation of what happening in the 1916 rising.

Our Trip to Dublin (4th class H. O’ Callaghan)

On the morning of the 3rd of May we were so tired getting up, but the excitement of the day ahead kept us going! The first place we went to visit in Dublin was Leinster House. We even got a photograph with Micheál Martin. We saw an original Proclamation from 1916. Next we went to the GPO. We learnt and saw so much. We saw a video about the 1916 Easter Rising. We saw another original Proclamation in the GPO too. It was amazing to actually see a real one! Afterwards we went to Dublin Zoo and saw loads of animals. We learnt lots of facts about them. Some of the animals we saw were monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras, okapis, parrots, rhinos and lots more. It was so much fun! We had a great day! Thank you!

Our Trip to Dublin (5th class H. O’ Callaghan)

We were the really lucky people who got picked to go Dublin. The 3rd of May had finally arrived. Once we got to Dublin we dropped first class off at Dublin Castle for their award ceremony. Then we headed to Leinster House. We met Micheál Martin there and gave him some good advice! Within hours of meeting us the new government was formed!! We saw an original Proclamation there. Afterwards we visited the GPO and saw many real items used during 1916. When we were leaving the GPO, we got an opportunity to put our fingers through holes that had been made by bullets during the Easter Rising. It felt scary and strange. Afterwards we had a quick picnic in St. Stephen’s Green and then went straight to Dublin Zoo. We saw really cool animals there. It was a really fantastic day! Thank you!


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