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November 3, 2016

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SEAI workshop with Rebecca Archer on Energy Saving

On Thursday 27th of October, pupils from 3rd to 6th class took part in energy workshops facilitated by Rebecca Archer from the Lifetime Lab. During the workshop, the girls were given the opportunity to take part in experiments and games based on the theme of energy.

The girls became scientists as they converted chemical energy to electrical energy. In groups, the students worked to make an electric bell sound using lemons as battery sources. Rebecca discussed different forms of energy with the girls and how we can all go about saving energy in our classrooms and in our homes. The classes came up with excellent ideas such as;

  • plugging out our electrical devices when not in use
  • taking showers instead of baths and turning off lights when not needed.

A discussion around renewable and non-renewable forms of energy was concluded with a large game in which the girls moved around a large mat and answered questions based on their new knowledge about forms of energy.

One of the highlights of the workshop for the girls was an experiment which nearly took the roof from above their heads. In groups the girls added multivitamin tablets to water and compressed the substances together to form a mini explosion in the school hall. The workshop was very enjoyable for all involved. The future is bright for women in science at St Josephs.


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