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Easter eggs and Easter bunnies

The day of the holidays some children went on an Easter Eggs hunt in the school hall. They searched very carefully and were delighted when they found their easter eggs.

Some girls from Russia and Lithunia brought painted hard boiled eggs to school. In their countries they roll them, and try to crack the other eggs. The winner is the one whose egg is not cracked. They have to eat the hard boiled egg!!

Mrs. O’Callaghan’s Fourth Class made some Easter bunnies in their art and craft class. They were very clever as they made them from old plastic bags !

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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Concert Ms Kelleher's Class

St Patrick's Day Concert Ms Kelleher's Class

We celebrated St Patrick’s day in St Joseph’s with our school concert. Senior infants, First Class, Third and Fourth Classes performed in the Concert.

They entertained their parents with songs and sketches about St Patrick. A little leprechaun found his way on to the stage too.

The school choir also  entertained the audience  some of the songs from the Peace Proms Concert. Everyone enjoyed the celebrations.

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Friendship Week

Friendship Week in St Joseph's 7th-11th March

We had Friendship Week fro the 7th-11th March. We tried to be good friends with each othern and to make each other happy.

Each day we were reminded in our school news to do special thing to help us to be good friends

  • On Monday it was ‘Pass on a smile’
  • On Tuesday we said ‘Good Morning’
  • On Wednesday we invited someone new to play in our game
  • On Thursday we were helpful
  • On Friday we said something nice

In our friendship chart in the School Hall we had the name for friend in each of the langauges in the school

Lithunian       drugas

Russian          druk

Irish                cara

Malaysian     kawan

Sri Lankan    yahaluwa

French           ami

Latvia            draugs

Hungarian    barat

American     buddy

Welsh             ffrind

Polish           przyjacial


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The Peace Proms Concert


Choir from St Joseph's Primary School, Macroom who sang at the Peace Proms

Peace Proms Concert Cork City Hall February 19th 2011 CLICK AND SEE MORE PICTURES

Music form the Peace Proms Concert – Everything is possible
Music from the Proms Concert -Scottish Music
Peace Proms Concert Cork City Hall
Peace Proms Concert Cork City Hall
On Saturday 19th February two buses set off from the Town Car Park in Macroom. Pupils from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes were on their way to the Cork City Hall for the Peace Proms Concert. All the choir was dressed for the concert in a white top and dark trousers.  Mrs H O’Callaghan, Mrs K O’Driscoll, Sr Mary and Mrs B O’Riordan, Ms N Mangan and Ms M Fitzpatrick  were with the girls on their trip.
On arrival at the Cork City Hall there was a rehearsal from 1pm to 2pm with all the participating choirs. After that everyone had their lunch.
Then it was back on stage for the concert. Everyone was on the stage for the whole performance, just standing to sing their songs . It was a wonderful experience to sing such lively and upbeat songs and to be part of such a huge choir. When our choir was practising in school we had the backing tracks from the CD but to sing with an orchestra was worth the time and effort we had put into  learning all the songs.
The aim of the CBOI is to entertain, educate and engage children and young people in music, and to enrich their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances and by providing a stimulating music programme that nurtures and advances their musical, social and cultural development. We were delighted to be part of this programme and appreciate the wonderful experience it has been for all, both pupils and teachers.
If you would like to add a comment on the Peace Proms Concert you can go  to the Cross Border Face Book page.



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Glee or not to Glee

On Tuesday the 15th February 3rd , 4th ,5th and 6th went to a performance of “Glee or not to Glee” by St. Mary’s Secondary School in the Briery Gap Theatre in Macroom. Four solo singers performed beautifully, as did the chorus singers. They also had very talented dancers. The play was very humourous and we were well entertained, particularly so by  “The Rubber Bandits”. It was a very enjoyable performance. Well done St. Mary’s!

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Chinese New Year

We celebrated the Chinese New Year on the 3rd of February. This is the year of the Rabbit. We learned different things about China- we learned that ancient China was made up of many kingdoms, we learned about the great wall of China, it took over 2000 years to build!Interesting Facts:

• Did you know that the first emperor of China died in 210 BC and his body was placed inside a huge tomb with terracott soldiers.

• The Great Wall of China stretches over 6,400 km.

• Beijing is the capital city of China.

• Chinese words are called characters.

• Red is thought to be a lucky colour in China.

• Chinese people use their surname as their first name.


Each child drew a castle wall onto an A4 sheet. we back each section of the castle onto black card and joined them together to make the Great Wall of China.

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Top Marks

Top marks to pupils from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes who took part in the Credit Union Quiz.

Pupils from Fifth and Sixth Classes also took part in the local Library Quiz. Well done girls for all the effort and preparation you put in to the quiz.

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Peace Proms

On Thursday 3rd February Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes went to a Workshop in the School of Music in Cork. This is to prepare for the Cork Proms Concert with the Cross Border Orchestra on the 19th February in the City Hall.

All the following schools were there too.

Scoil Mhuire Lourdes Ballea Road, Carrigaline, Co. Cork
Templebreedy N.S. Crosshaven, Co. Cork
Muinefliuch N.S. Macroom, Co. Cork
Rushbrooke N.S. Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork
Ardfield N.S. Ardfield, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Scoil Chaitigheirn Eyeries, Beara, Co. Cork
Scoil Náisiúnta Naomh Micheál Upper Glanmire, White’s Cross, Co. Cork
St. Mary’s N.S. Waterpark , Carrigaline, Co. Cork
St Joseph’s P.S. Macroom, Co. Cork
Scoil Mhichil Bere Island Co. Cork
Churchtown N.S. Churchtown, Mallow, Co. Cork
Morning Star Boys N.S. Connolly Rd, Ballyphehane, Cork
Scoil Barra Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork
Coppeen N.S. Coppeen, Enniskeane, Co. Cork
Gurrane N.S. Gurrane, Crossbarry, Innishannon, Co. Cork

Gearóid Grant and Sharon Treacy Dunne conducted the choirs and got everyone singing together. There is a lovely mix of songs from all over the world.

1.This is Why We Sing
2. Amani. An African Wish
(Peace, love and Unity)
3. Anything is Possible
4. Dance Evolution
5. Furaha
6. A Tribute to Queen
7. Sansa Korma

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St Brigid’s Day February 1st

Mrs O’Callaghan’s class were busy getting ready for the feast of St Brigid on February 1st. They made a St Brigid’c cloak reminding us of the story of St Brigid when she asked for some land and she was told to put down her cloak and it spread out to give her a big piece of land.

Feast of St Brigid February 1st

They also made St Brigids crosses

Fourth Class with their St Brigid’s crosses


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Santa visits St Joseph’s

Everyone was delighted when Santa came to visit us today. He went to every class and his helpers brought a surprise for everyone. He reminded everyone what to do on Christmas Eve…. ‘Go to bed early’. He is very busy getting ready for his big job on Christmas Eve.

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