'Junior Infants Sr Mary 2010-11'

New Juniors Infants 2011

Our new Junior Infants started school on the 29th August 2011. They are ‘getting to know’ their new surroundings and settling in well.

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Easter eggs and Easter bunnies

The day of the holidays some children went on an Easter Eggs hunt in the school hall. They searched very carefully and were delighted when they found their easter eggs.

Some girls from Russia and Lithunia brought painted hard boiled eggs to school. In their countries they roll them, and try to crack the other eggs. The winner is the one whose egg is not cracked. They have to eat the hard boiled egg!!

Mrs. O’Callaghan’s Fourth Class made some Easter bunnies in their art and craft class. They were very clever as they made them from old plastic bags !

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Friendship Week

Friendship Week in St Joseph's 7th-11th March

We had Friendship Week fro the 7th-11th March. We tried to be good friends with each othern and to make each other happy.

Each day we were reminded in our school news to do special thing to help us to be good friends

  • On Monday it was ‘Pass on a smile’
  • On Tuesday we said ‘Good Morning’
  • On Wednesday we invited someone new to play in our game
  • On Thursday we were helpful
  • On Friday we said something nice

In our friendship chart in the School Hall we had the name for friend in each of the langauges in the school

Lithunian       drugas

Russian          druk

Irish                cara

Malaysian     kawan

Sri Lankan    yahaluwa

French           ami

Latvia            draugs

Hungarian    barat

American     buddy

Welsh             ffrind

Polish           przyjacial


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Santa visits St Joseph’s

Everyone was delighted when Santa came to visit us today. He went to every class and his helpers brought a surprise for everyone. He reminded everyone what to do on Christmas Eve…. ‘Go to bed early’. He is very busy getting ready for his big job on Christmas Eve.

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Our Christmas Concert

We had our Christmas Concert today 21st December. Here are some pictures  from the classes that took part in the concert.

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Higgledy Piggledy

The Cork Circus came to visit our school on Friday 10th December with their show Higgledy Piggledy. Pupils from Junior Infants to Third class enjoyed the performance. Three actors performed in a variety of sets interacting all the time with the audience, from the sea, to car washes and pirate ships.  Some pupils also joined in the performance. Everyone loved the show and look forward to seeing the Cork Circus again.

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Science with Scott

When Scott came to the school last Monday 29th November, he showed

us what potential energy and kinetic energy was. He told us we knew

what it was already, he just showed us exactly what it was and how it

worked. Kinetic energy is the energy an item has when it’s moving.

Potential energy is stored energy.

Outside in the hall we made roller-coasters with foam sticks, paper

cups, marbles and masking tape. The roller-coaster was quite easy

to make. We had to stack four to five chairs and then we had to stick

the foam sticks on to the chairs, in whatever way we wanted.

Scott came up with different challenges e.g. make a roller-coaster

with a hill, with a loop and with a certain amount of cups. We had

great fun and received points for every challenge completed! We learned

a lot that day!!!

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The Carducci Quartet


The Carducci Quartet

The Carducci Quartet is recognised as one of today’s most exciting young string quartets and consists of two married couples: Matthew & Emma Denton and Eoin Schmidt-Martin & Michelle Fleming.The Carducci is internationally renowned, performing over 100 concerts worldwide each year. They were winners of the Concert Artists Guild Competition in New York, the Kuhmo International Chamber Music Competition and were short-listed for the 2008 Royal Philharmonic Society Chamber Music Award.

The  Quartet came to our school on Tuesday 23rd November. Classes from Third to Sixth classes enjoyed the performance. Each instrument was introduced in turn and they performed a variety of music, old and new, from around the world. The children took part in a variety of games and activities concentrating on developing their listening skills and their sense of rhythm.


The performance lasted about an hour and the children loved it. It was a great introduction to Quartet music in what was an intimate live performance. We hope that the workshop will develop a love of music, and that it will also inspire existing string and instrument players to keep practicing their instruments as the members of the Quartet have to practice five hours a day!




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All Ireland Supporters

Cork supporters

Mrs Creedon’s class dressed up for the visit of the Sam Maguire to the school.

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Sam Maguire visits St Joseph’s

Sam Maguire visits St Josephs

The Sam Maguire cup came to our school today.  Fintan Gould and Sean Kiely, both past pupils and members of the victorius Cork team, came with the cup.It was a sea of red and white in the school hall. We were delighted to welcome Sam  and our two past pupils. Fintan Goold and Sean Kiely. We endedthe visit with “Cork’s got the whole country in their hands”.Fintan and Sean also launched our new blog while they were with us.

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