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New Juniors Infants 2011

Our new Junior Infants started school on the 29th August 2011. They are ‘getting to know’ their new surroundings and settling in well.

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First Holy Communion and Confirmation

May was a busy month for St Joseph’s as we had Confirmation on the 17th May for the girls in Sixth Class and First Holy Communion for the girls in Second Class on the 28th of May. The school choir sang on both occasions.  Everyone participated meaningfully in the ceremonies which were very well prepared. The weather was beautiful on both days.

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Henry McKean from Newstalk visits

Henry McKean from Newstalk visited the girls in Fifth Class to get their opinions on current topics like what it is like to live in Macroom; the visit of Queen Elizabeth; the death of Osama Bin Laden; the cost of  receiving the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation.All the girls took part in a lively discussion.

We listened to the broadcasts on Saturday at 8a.m, and Sunday at 6p.m. and Monday morning at 8.45a.m. It will be available on a podcast on the Newstalk website under the address below


Henry McKean talks to Fifth Class girls

Henry McKean talks to Fifth Class girls

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Cork City Sports

Eighteen pupils from St. Joseph’s took part in the Cork City Sports last Friday, the 13th of May.Everyone enjoyed the day and some were happy when they won some races.

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An Easter Treat

First class were delighted with their Easter treat of rice crispie buns. Everyone was happy because there was one for everyone in the class.

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Easter eggs and Easter bunnies

The day of the holidays some children went on an Easter Eggs hunt in the school hall. They searched very carefully and were delighted when they found their easter eggs.

Some girls from Russia and Lithunia brought painted hard boiled eggs to school. In their countries they roll them, and try to crack the other eggs. The winner is the one whose egg is not cracked. They have to eat the hard boiled egg!!

Mrs. O’Callaghan’s Fourth Class made some Easter bunnies in their art and craft class. They were very clever as they made them from old plastic bags !

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Getting into the holiday mood

We enjoyed the lovely weather and made the most of it when we visited the playground near our school. Some classes had fun on the playground.

Enjoying the lovely weather

Enjoying the lovely weather

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First Confession and preparation for Confirmation

Second Class girls will make their First Confession on Tuesday 5th April in the Parish Church. The Sixth Class girls are preparing for their Confirmation on the 17th of May. They will be taking part in the Sunday liturgies in the Parish on 3rd and the 10th April.

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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Concert Ms Kelleher's Class

St Patrick's Day Concert Ms Kelleher's Class

We celebrated St Patrick’s day in St Joseph’s with our school concert. Senior infants, First Class, Third and Fourth Classes performed in the Concert.

They entertained their parents with songs and sketches about St Patrick. A little leprechaun found his way on to the stage too.

The school choir also  entertained the audience  some of the songs from the Peace Proms Concert. Everyone enjoyed the celebrations.

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Friendship Week

Friendship Week in St Joseph's 7th-11th March

We had Friendship Week fro the 7th-11th March. We tried to be good friends with each othern and to make each other happy.

Each day we were reminded in our school news to do special thing to help us to be good friends

  • On Monday it was ‘Pass on a smile’
  • On Tuesday we said ‘Good Morning’
  • On Wednesday we invited someone new to play in our game
  • On Thursday we were helpful
  • On Friday we said something nice

In our friendship chart in the School Hall we had the name for friend in each of the langauges in the school

Lithunian       drugas

Russian          druk

Irish                cara

Malaysian     kawan

Sri Lankan    yahaluwa

French           ami

Latvia            draugs

Hungarian    barat

American     buddy

Welsh             ffrind

Polish           przyjacial


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