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Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! 2013 is the year of the snake.

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Intercultural Day 2012

Irish table

Our Intercultural day was on the 15th June. Everyone wore clothes that represented their countries. You could wear colours that represented your country. So we had a very colourful day !!

Every class visited the exhibits from Poland, China, Hungary, United States , Wales, France, Sri Lanka and Ireland.  They were able to find out more about all these countries  when they visited the exhibits.

We are very grateful to the parents who set up these exhibits providing food, vegetables and fruits , pictures and powerpoint presentations  belonging to their country. The real experience of a different culture is to taste their food!  Pupils enjoyed the taste of cheese and chocolate from Ireland, rice cakes from the Si Lanka, sausage and cheese from Poland, chocolate cookies  from the U.S. and broiche  bread from France. Thanks to Mrs Creedon and Mrs O’Callaghan and Mrs Cronin for  your help in organising this event.

Our Lady of Mercy Primary Sligo have some lovely songs about different countries of the world

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The Welsh Table at our Intercultural Day 2012

Find out more about Wales in this powerpoint

Map of Wales

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The American Table at the Intercultural Day 2012

Enjoying chocolate brownies

Items on display on the American table

AMERICAN FOOD  –    Chocolate brownies

  • American money
  • Sports items that reflected favourite USA teams in basketball, football, ice hockey.
  • Posters/ photos of famous landmarks in the US: Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and the Golden Gate Bridge
  • The American flag
  • Magazines on Barack Obama and his family.
  • Information on the 44 Presidents and 50 states and map of the States
  • American girl doll
  • Eileen’s project on Chicago sport teams

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Hungarian Table at our Interultural Day 2012

Looking at the map of Hungary

List of items on display

  • Books – geography, nauture and animals in Hungary. Children’s books in Hungarian and Cookery books with famous recipies from Hungary
  • Photos of Hungary -famous places.
  • A map of Hungary
  • Rubix Cube- Erno Rubik, a Hungarian invented it.
  • The Biro was invented by László Bíró .
  • Paprike (used in Gulyas- a famous food in Hungary)


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Learning about the Farm

The vet at work



There are 5 play stations

  1. Small world play– The farm , silage season, tractors, etc
  2. Reading area: Uninterrupted reading of books realted to the farm e.g Farmer Duck, Little red Hen, Ugly Duckling
  3. Socio-dramatic Corner: The vet- children act out scenes from a vet role. This includes ; the vets surgery, reception, ustomers with sick animals. ‘Pet treatment forms’ need to be filled.
  4. Art and Design– Printing farm shapes using sponges e.g. fences, various animals etc.
  5. Jigsaws – varying levels of difficulty and sized jigsaws with farm scenes.

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Easter eggs and Easter bunnies

The day of the holidays some children went on an Easter Eggs hunt in the school hall. They searched very carefully and were delighted when they found their easter eggs.

Some girls from Russia and Lithunia brought painted hard boiled eggs to school. In their countries they roll them, and try to crack the other eggs. The winner is the one whose egg is not cracked. They have to eat the hard boiled egg!!

Mrs. O’Callaghan’s Fourth Class made some Easter bunnies in their art and craft class. They were very clever as they made them from old plastic bags !

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Watch our flowers growing

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