West Muskerry Races

Click to see how we got on at the West Muskerry Races yesterday!


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Nemo Rangers Blitz

We are so proud of our St Joseph’s team who traveled to Nemo Rangers last Friday. Click to see how they got on! 


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3rd and 4th on tour!


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Super Troopers Nutri-safari

The girls from 3rd and 6th classes had a fantastic day  attending a Nutri-safari in O’Leary’s SuperValu in Macroom. The Nutri-safari forms part of the Super Troopers programme that we run in our school.


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Powerhour 2017

Some pupils from 3rd and 4th class are enjoying Powerhour with Miss O. Kelleher and Mrs Dromey this term. They are currently working on Gaelic football skills.


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Scarlet Fever

Site-LogoThere has been a case of Scarlet fever in a Senior Infant Classroom and your child may have been exposed. We are bringing this to your attention because occasionally if a child develops scarlet fever that is not promptly treated, complications can occur. (more…)

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Hurling in St. Joseph’s Primary School


We really enjoyed learning hurling skills with Liam from Laochra Óg hurling club. Take a look at this video and see us in action! (more…)

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Super Troopers

Super Troopers

Our school has been invited to pilot an exciting new programme called ‘SUPER TROOPERS’ that has been created by Laya Healthcare.  The aim of the programme is to encourage children to learn about a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity levels. The recommended daily activity guideline for children is 60 minutes. The SUPER TROOPERS programme will help achieve this. (more…)

1 comment October 23rd, 2014

Food Dudes!


These are the prizes we won this week for testing the fruit and vegetables. There are loads more cool prizes to win next week too!

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If your child is sick, please read

There has been an outbreak of the Winter vomiting bug in Ms Twomey’s and Mrs Cronin’s classes.

Please take care if your child is presenting with any of the symptoms associated with this virus.

The following link on the Vomiting Bug is very useful with information on what you should do if your child is sick.

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