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Old Mac Donald had a farm!

Senior Infants were busy learning about what happens on the farm in Spring time. We even painted some pictures of a farm!

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Fun for all day 27th June 2012


Having fun on Sports day

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Everyone had lots of fun in our Fun for all. There were lots of acivities around the school campus,in the school hall, the school playground,St Mary’s sports complex, the local playground and our sports field. Activities ranged from giant darts competitions, totennis, basketbal, eggand spoon races, three legged races, and of course some running races. We were lucky that the day held up and we were abletohold our outdoor activities.

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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic

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Junior Infants in Ms Cronin’s, Ms Twomey’s and Ms Buckley’s classes had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Lots of teddies went on our picnic. Infortunately it had to be held indoors this year as the weather did not allow us to go outside.

Look at our pictures!!!

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Visit of Mike O’Shea, North Pole Explorer

Mike O’ Shea visited our school on Friday 22nd June because Max Wycjynske won a colouring competition in the Irish North Pole Art Competition. His prize was that Mike would come to the school and tell us about his trip to the North Pole. Max also got a lovely tee shirt  and scarf with the logo of the North Pole Expedition logo on it.

Max is presented with his prize by Mike O'Shea the North Pole explorer

Mike O’Shea told us about his trip illustrated with a powerpoint presentation with photos and video clips . On the 5th of February 2012 the Irish North Pole 2012 team of Mike O Shea & Dr. Clare O Leary flew from Ireland to Iquluit in Northern Canada which was their base for three weeks. Here they trained in the frigid -40 degree centigrade temperatures and ensured that all the equipment was working correctly. Here they packed all their food that they would require for the 50 day expedition to the North Pole. The team spend a great deal of time training in Iquluit with the famed Arctic explorer Matty McNair , who is also acting as Canadian Base Camp for Mike & Clare when they are on the ice.

On the 25th of February the Irish North Pole team flew from Iquluit to Resolute in Northern Canada where they began waiting for the weather window to allow them on to the ice.

Mike O'Shea on his trip to the North Pole

On Friday the 2nd of March the team got their flight from Resolute to Cape Discovery to start their expedition.They made consistent, if slow, progress hampered by temperatures down to -55 degrees centigrade. Mike told us about the importance of being covered at all times, as exposure in these temperatures would mean frost bite. He show some fascinating photos with ice on his eyelashes.

Mike O'Shea walking on the ice

They had to drag their sleight with their luggage which weighted ninety kg.  They  lightened their luggage by getting rid of all the wrappings- which lightened their load by sixteen kg.Their meals were prepacked in bite sizes so that they were readily accessible and easy to eat as everything was frozen.

Preparing the food for the journey

The Irish North Pole Team had to return to their start point following a difficult decision to abandon their attempt. The team’s plan to share charter logistics with other teams fell  apart – leaving them to potentially face a bill of between 120k &180k euros to fund their resupplies and pickup should they continue.

Mike O'Shea walking on the ice

The team were safe and after 10 days on the Arctic ocean. The first two weeks of a North Pole trip is regarded as extremely challenging because of the unrelenting cold and difficult pack ice terrain.

The landscape of the North

They were disappointed that they did not reach their goal but they hope to try again next year. They were lucky that they both survived the trip with no injuries. We look forward to hearing more about these trips on the blog http://irishnorthpole2012.com/

Enjoying Mike O'Shea's talk on his trip to the North PoleMike O'Shea with pupils in St Joseph's Primary School

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Visit to the Glucksman Art Gallery

Visit to the Glucksman Gallery

On the 20th of June Mrs. Creedon’s  class went to the Gluksmans Art Gallery  in UCC. We saw many beautiful paintings. The building was a very strange shape. It was like a rubix cube half turned. It was designed by Josef Albers.  After the tour around the Glucksman Gallery where we saw some of Josef Albers paintings,  we went to a workshop on construction. We used cardboard create our structures and coloured paper to decorate them. We had a great day. I hope that we go back again sometime.

By Sarah Sweeney

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School Tour

Having fun on our school tour

On my school tour we went to the Sports Village in Bishopstown.  When we got there we were put into groups. We played a lot ogf games. My group won twice in a row. It was great fun.

When it was time for a break we got a drink of frube and a banana from the staff. They were very nice. When we were finished we palyed a game with the staff, they were hitting us with ballls.

After all our games we went in the Jungle Jim. We had to find  ‘Jungle Jim’. It took me ages to find out that it was Perri, one of the staff. After all the searching we turned into dancing monkies, even Mrs. O’Callaghan joined in – that was my favourite part.

By Aoibhe Murphy

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Intercultural Day 2012

Irish table

Our Intercultural day was on the 15th June. Everyone wore clothes that represented their countries. You could wear colours that represented your country. So we had a very colourful day !!

Every class visited the exhibits from Poland, China, Hungary, United States , Wales, France, Sri Lanka and Ireland.  They were able to find out more about all these countries  when they visited the exhibits.

We are very grateful to the parents who set up these exhibits providing food, vegetables and fruits , pictures and powerpoint presentations  belonging to their country. The real experience of a different culture is to taste their food!  Pupils enjoyed the taste of cheese and chocolate from Ireland, rice cakes from the Si Lanka, sausage and cheese from Poland, chocolate cookies  from the U.S. and broiche  bread from France. Thanks to Mrs Creedon and Mrs O’Callaghan and Mrs Cronin for  your help in organising this event.

Our Lady of Mercy Primary Sligo have some lovely songs about different countries of the world

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The Irish Table at our Intercultural day 2012

What was on display at the Irish table

Look at what we found on the Irish table !


Whole fresh Salmon (of Knowledge)

Carrots and potatoes



Irish cheddar cheese (mild!)

Brown soda bread


Chocolate coins from crock of gold

Duck eggs

Kerrymaid butter


Non Food

Dancing uniform


Pine cones

Badger and red squirrel toys


Irish legends and folklore books -selection Macroom book ” Macroom through the mists of time”

Cork’s St Patrick’s Street

A little book of Trees

A rainy day guide to Ireland

The complete guide to Irish Wildlife


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French Table at our Intercultural Day 2012



What was on display at the French table

  • Home made crépes  made the traditional Breton way
  • Home-made brioche and liquid caramel (both made by Marie Roche)
  • Sauisson (dry sausage)
  • Crépes
  • Rasberry and lemon’tisane’ (tea)
  • Soap from Marseilles
  • Dior perfume
  • Sirop de goenadine (Syrup/squash)
  • Pastis
  • Biscottes
  • Créme de cassis (blakcurrant liquer)
  • Poulain Hot Chocolate
  • Facial ream from Loréal
  • Map of France with 14 points of interest
  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Versailles
  3. Tunnel?Eorostar France/UK
  4. Chardlain Bull
  5. Mont Blanc
  6. Ski/Alpes
  7. St. Tropez
  8. Provene/ Lavander
  9. Lourdes
  10. Plage des Landes
  11. Wines of Bordeux
  12. Chteaux de la Loire
  13. Ponte du Raz- Brittany
  14. Camembert from Normandy

Photos of Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Fete de la Musique 9yearly nation-wide music festival)

Recipe for Brioche

500mg flour

125g sugar

2 full eggs and 1 yoke

2 soup spoons of cream fraiche

1 tea spoon salt

25g yeast

75g butter

130 ml warm milk

1 spoon orangr blossom

1 spoon rum

30 mins kneading (can be done in bread machine)

Leave it rise over nightunder a wer tea towel.

Next day knead again to get the air out of the dough. Divide in 3 pieces and amke a plait. leave it rise for 1 0r 2 hours in a warm place.

Oven 180 degrees.

Mix another yoke with a little milk to spread over the loaf before baking.Protect the loaf with baking paper to avoid burning. Bake for 25 minutes. Leave it completely cool down before cutting.

Thanks to Marie Roche for providing the French table and givng us all this information

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The Welsh Table at our Intercultural Day 2012

Find out more about Wales in this powerpoint

Map of Wales

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