'3rd & 4th Class Ms Fitzpatrick 2012-13'

Third Class Tour



Look at this video to see all the activities we took part in


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Donation to Missionary

We gave Sr. Kathleen Crowley 150 Euro for her work in Kenya. This money was donated by the children .Sr. Kathleen Crowley is a medical missionary sister who works in a women’s project in Lodwar, Turkana. The women make baskets and tablet mats from leaves.

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Cork City Sports 2013


Last Wednesday our school took part in the Cork City Sports.


We had a great day!

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On Thursday 1st class to 6th class got a great surprise. Eamonn Cagney came to the school and showed us how to play the drums. He was fantastic! We all got a

turn to play the drums

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Skyping Argentina

Skyping to Argentina

Our skype session with Argentina took place on the 30th of April 2013. We skyped them after 1.30pm. The name of the school was Colegio Donte Allighiere De Compano.

We learned so much about Argentina’s culture and their ways of learning. We also found out two popular sports in Argentina- hockey and basketball.  They had very good English considering they speak Spanish. Another thing we fond out was that between two children they have one iPad instead of copies. We got to how them a lot about Irish culture, such as Irish dancing, hurling, the Irish language and G.A.A.  We told them about traditional Iris dinners and Ella played the Irish national anthem on the violin. they learned to count to ten in Irish and us in Spanish. We had so much fun skying Argentina and we hope to do it again soon.

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Green Flag


Green Flag Awards

Our school was awarded the Green flag on Thursday the 16th May at a ceremony in the Moran Convention Centre in Cork. Congratulations to Ms Browne and the Green Schools Committee for all their work to get the Green flag.

On the 16th of March Mrs. Browne, Bríd, myself and Jane went to the Silver Springs Hotel to accept our schools first green flag.

We left at 11.30am and when we arrived we received our complimentary bags. in the bag was a postcard, a tattoo and a bookmark promoting the Green Schools website.

We went upstairs to the function room. This is where the presentation was held. There was a noticeboard with projects, posters and newspaper articles. There was a green flag hanging up with a gigantic version of the bookmark. 

By 2 pm it was time for food! We were starving. We were all seated and our menu was delicious. The choice was:

Chicken wrapped in bacon with a side of vegetables


Lasagne with side salad and chips


Baileys cheesecake with ice- cream and cream

We all chose the chicken, it was divine. The cheesecake was just heaven!

The ceremony began after the food. There was a man in a globe costume. It was very well presented. We took photographs with him. Examples of how much litter and waste was saved by each category. Litter and waste was the weight of 69 blue whales!Energy was to the moon and back 17 times!

It was a great experience. I was delighted to be chosen to represent the school. 

(Written by Kitty Clancy)

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First Holy Communion 2013

First Holy Communion 2013

First Holy Communion 2013

The girls from Second Class made their First Holy Communion on Saturday 27th April in the Parish Church. They had a lovely celebration. Fr. Manning concelebrated the Mass with Fr Roberts. Our school choir sang and played their recorder band. It was a lovely celebration. And we were blessed with glorious sunshine. Everyone came for a cup of tea to the school hall which the Parents Association. All the communion girls got their own special cup cake!


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Confirmation Day 12th March 2013


Confirmation class with Bishop William Crean

Bishop William Crean confirmed the boys from St Colman’s National School and the girls from St. Joseph’s in a beautiful ceremony in St Colman’s Parish Church today. The choirs from both schools sang at the Mass. Mary McSweeney played the organ and Cornelia O’Reagan conducted the choirs.

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Art for Mother’s Day


Hug boxes for Mother's Day

All classes were busy on Friday making cards and presents for their mothers. We were just lucky to get some pictures of what Mrs O’Callaghan’s class and Ms Fitzpatrisk’s class made forMother’s Day. I’m sure that all the mothers were delighted with their gifts.

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Peace Proms Concert, Cork City Hall


Peace Proms Concert, Cork City Hall

Our school choir from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes  took part in the Peace Proms Concert in the City Hall yesterday 24th February. It was a fantastic experience of music and entertainment.Everyone really enjoyed their evening. Well done to the Cross Border Orchestra.


“I found the whole day great fun and the applause the people gave us made me smile!

(Nika, 4th Class)

“There was an orchestra, a singer and a violinist accompanying us”

(Aoife, 5th Class)

“We left Macroom at 11am and we spent two hours rehearsing. We had so much fun. 

(Rosie, 5th Class)

“Schools from all over the county took part. A great day was had by all!”

(Sheena, 4th Class)

“The orchestra played beautiful songs”

(Mia, 4th Class)

“We sang our hearts out! It was great to see the Cross Border Orchestra play and to be par of the concert”

(Kitty 5th Class)





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