'Mrs O’Callaghan 2017 2018'

Our Discover Cork Schools’ Heritage Project 2018


Mrs. O’ Callaghan’s 4th and 5th class spent a long time doing a project on the history of Macroom Castle.  We built a model of the castle and have written all about its history. It has been a great opportunity for us to work together, learn more about Macroom Castle, use our creativity and have fun! We also visited the castle to take some photographs and to have a closer look. We have enjoyed going around to other classes to show them how hard we worked on our project! Some children in our class even did their own sketch of Macroom Castle. We have had loads of FUN doing this project!! 


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Feeling joyful in Mrs O’ Callaghan’s class!

Click to see 4th and 5th classes bullentin board!


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West Muskerry Races

Click to see how we got on at the West Muskerry Races yesterday!


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Powerhour has started with 5th and 6th class on Thursdays! Click to see the girls in action! The girls have a great team spirit! 


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