'Sen Inf Ms O’Connor 2016-17'

sports day 2017

We had great fun this year at Sports day!  (more…)

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Teddy Bear’s Picnic 2017


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Our Energy Flag

On Thursday the 11th May Ms Browne, Brid O’Riordan, (more…)

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Our Easter Concert


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Raising our Flags

The flags that we raised  today tell a story,  a very important story about our school. (more…)

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Celebrating 150 years of Mercy education in Macroom

On Saturday 11th March, St Joseph’s Primary School and St Mary’s Secondary School had a joint celebration of 150 years of Mercy education in Macroom. (more…)

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Green Energy Day Friday 3rd March 2017

On Friday 3rd March we had our Green Energy Day where we made a big effort to reduce using electricity, and we succeeded and had some great fun! (more…)

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Christmas to Mid-term

We have been very busy in Senior Infants (room 3) since Christmas. We have been learning about all sorts of things from the life cycle of the Butterfly, to the Chinese New year, to magnets and how they work. We also learned about the Stone age from the book “Cave Baby” by Julia Donaldson. Most recently we have been learning all about  the changes that come about during Springtime.

Have a look at some of our pictures to show you all of the hard work we have been doing.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Our Gaeilge wall

The life cycle of the Butterfly

Some of our Beautiful Butterflies!

“Farmer Duck” farmer Ducks friends helped him to get rid of the lazy farmer.

we turned our sand box into a farm!!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by creating some Chinese dragons

We worked very hard to create our own grass heads – just like the farmers grow grass!!

During maths we used lollipop sticks to measure different parts of the class room.


Some pictures of the class under their desks creating their cave paintings using charcoal!

Some pictures of the class under their desks creating their cave paintings using charcoal!

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Santa’s visit to St Joseph’s

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Well Done to all our pupils with full attendance

Pupils who had full attendance from September (more…)

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