West Muskerry Races

Click to see how we got on at the West Muskerry Races yesterday!


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Ms O’Connor’s Senior Infant class have been reading a lovely book called Elmer.

They have learned that even though we are different, we are all special in our unique way!

They created beautiful mosaic elephants. They are so unique and special!

Let’s celebrate our differences! It’s what makes you……YOU!


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Having fun with tongue twisters!

Come try a tongue twister! It’s lots of fun! Practise makes perfect! 


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3rd and 4th on tour!


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Super Troopers Nutri-safari

The girls from 3rd and 6th classes had a fantastic day  attending a Nutri-safari in O’Leary’s SuperValu in Macroom. The Nutri-safari forms part of the Super Troopers programme that we run in our school.


Add comment March 21st, 2017

Celebrating 150 years of Mercy education in Macroom

On Saturday 11th March, St Joseph’s Primary School and St Mary’s Secondary School had a joint celebration of 150 years of Mercy education in Macroom. (more…)

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Powerhour 2017

Some pupils from 3rd and 4th class are enjoying Powerhour with Miss O. Kelleher and Mrs Dromey this term. They are currently working on Gaelic football skills.


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Well Done to all our pupils with full attendance

Pupils who had full attendance from September (more…)

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Our new staff car park


We are very happy with our new car park.  (more…)

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Our New Cark Park


Work is progressing very well. We hope that we will be using it after the Halloween break. (more…)

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