Haka Gaelach agua Lá Féile Pádraig!

Mrs Dromey’s 1st class are showing huge support to the Irish rugby team who will be playing England this St. Patrick’s Day! We hope they get the Grand Slam! 

Enjoy the haka! Éire abú!



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Confirmation Art

Click to see the beautiful Confirmation art. (more…)

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Engineers week

We recently took part in Engineers week. All classes completed different activities.

Linda Hurly came in to speak to 3rd class during Engineers week. They used a potato and a lemon to power a clock. The potato and lemon acted as a battery. 


Click to see future engineers in action.  (more…)

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Philadelphia String Band

The Philadelphia String Band visited us today. We loved their costumes. The children, as well as teachers had a great time listening to their music, singing and dancing!

We look forward to seeing the Philadelphia String Band in the St. Patrick’s day parade this Saturday.



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Confirmation 2018

Sixth class celebrated their Confirmation on the 20th of February. They had a wonderful day. We are so proud of them!

Click to see more pictures!


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Food Dudes

St Joseph’s are currently taking part in Food Dudes. Everyday children eat a portion of fruit and vegetable. 



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Spring is in the air!

1st classes went on a spring walk.

Click to see some photographs!


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Wassiky Kandinsky

Look at Mrs Dromey’s colourful bulletin board inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. Each child painted a square and when it was put together, it became a masterpiece!

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Friendship week

We celebrated Friendship week recently. Lots of brilliant activities were organised. Everyone enjoyed celebrating friendship.

Click to see the Friendship Flowers that Mrs Dromey’s class made with their hand print.


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St Brigid’s Day

We celebrated St. Brigid’s day today. We are thankful that its the 1st of February and that we’ll start seeing the signs of Spring soon.

Miss Kelleher’s 2nd class made St Brigid’s crosses using rushes. Jamie, Liaden and Tamara are pictured below.

Click this link to learn how to make your own St Brigid’s cross.


Mrs Dromey’s 1st class made St. Brigid’s crosses today. They loved hearing the stories and traditions associated with St. Brigid.

Click to see photos.


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